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About us

Axperia Ventures is a Strategic Management Consultancy firm specialized in innovation, investments and in internationalization. We help corporations to turn breakthroughs within emerging Renewable and Sustainable Life and Physical Science Technologies into a competitive advantage.

Our Vision
The Effective Enterprise

If things were easy to find
they would not be worth finding

We seek out innovation on behalf of our clients — in Nanotechnology (bio and material), Clean Water Technology and Real Assets, Water Conservation and Treatment, Clean Energy Technologies & Generation, Efficient Energy Infrastructure & Distributed Energy Storage, Transportation, Materials, Recycling & Waste, Next-Generation Transportation and Sustainable Agricultural Technology — and select for the ability to transform coupled with the potential for growth, crisis resilience, and strong returns.

We also work with entities beyond industry, government (including laboratories), academia, small businesses, and international and nonprofit organizations. Through us our clients benefit in many ways from engagements with public and private entities.

We assess market needs and trends, and get direct feedback about problems and opportunities, helping inform our research agenda. We maintain a close connection to the marketplace which enables us to ensure that our research is relevant and that the insights and technologies we develop and work with can be more easily adopted and commercialized.

We are proud of our partnerships—and the impact they are having on our mission to advance innovation in the above technologies. We believe that through growth and investment companies can drive market-relevant technology innovations, accelerate technology commercialization and deployment, and that we can help lead insightful analysis, and help to create a “Enterprises of the Future” and foster the best work environment possible.