Our Opportunities

We help companies reach the next level.

We act as a partner and as an investor to help them commercialize innovative businesses and disruptive business models.

Advanced technologies and new business models are constantly disrupting our world. Axperia Ventures wants to be in the forefront of these changes.

We work with startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from their early stages to their scale and growth phases. In this process, we help them find the right resources that will allow them to develop new technologies and disruptive business models in areas of our strategic interest.

In Axperia Ventures we invest our time and our resources in companies that develop sustainable solutions that will change the World. If your company is in the Health-Tech, Food-Tech, Agri-Tech, High-Tech, Next-Generation transportation, New Energies and the Environmental Technology sectors, we can help you. Our portfolio crosses industries and borders.

We are more than a way to help you get access to capital: we are specialized in scaling-up and have a team dedicated to implementation and deployment. We have experts in the most innovative business ecosystems across the globe.

We can offer companies access to technical and scientific expertise, research and development facilities, and can assist with field trial pilots to further develop and demonstrate concepts. We also provide access to a global customer base.

We maintain excellent relationships with venture capital firms and corporate funds. We also work with entities beyond industry, government (including laboratories), academia, research labs, and international and nonprofit organizations to continually build and activate our network to create the best opportunities for our portfolio companies.