Our Presence

Our Keys to Success

Founded at the end of 2011 in Paris and New York, we have offices too in Spain since September 2016, and in New Delhi since October 2018. We also have representative offices in Venezuela, Israel, China (Changsha) and Japan through our strategic partners.

Our network of worldwide thought-leaders and decision-makers in emerging technologies is unparalleled, branching out through leading Fortune 500 senior executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and influential private and public equity investors.We believe that our access to proprietary intelligence from our network gives our portfolio companies a pronounced competitive advantage.

To optimize the success of our missions, we offer our clients an accomplished team of dynamic, in-the-know business partners who are passionate and global-minded about environmentally friendly, sustainable technology. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients leveraging the entire Axperia Ventures team and its knowledge base, contacts and business insights to build our portfolio companies and projects.We assess market needs and trends, and get direct feedback about problems and opportunities, helping inform our research agenda. We maintain a close connection to the marketplace which enables us to ensure that our research is relevant and that the insights and technologies we develop and work with can be more easily adopted and commercialized.

We are proud of our partnerships—and the impact they are having on our mission to advance innovation in the above technologies. We believe that through growth and investment companies can drive market-relevant technology innovations, accelerate technology commercialization and deployment, and that we can help lead insightful analysis, and help to create a “Enterprises of the Future” and foster the best work environment possible.

Our activity is supported by an international network of partners and hight experienced professionals

Through out the years we have built a very strong relationship with our business ecosystem