AXPERIA Environmental Innovation Factory Israel

Access Top Israeli Environmental Experts & Technologies For Serving the Competitive Advantage of your company or your region

Darwin’s mantra of “adaptation to change” became one of the hottest challenges for territories and businesses, especially seen during the Covid-19 crisis, and more to come with the rising climate change. The balance of global and local economies has already been disrupted and our lives impacted. Now is the time to reshape the economy to reach a double bottom line for both the planet’s sustainability and human prosperity. We believe Israel ecosystem can be the right partner on this journey, and Axperia is here to make it happen.

What is our mission?

We aim to foster the development of innovative initiatives on environmental technologies between our clients and Israel’s strategic public and private partners, reduce environmental risks, and minimize the use of natural resources in your region.

Our innovation factory covers the following fields:

  • Energy (efficiency, renewable, storage, and distribution)
  • Water, air, and soil management
  • Waste resource management
  • Circular economy
  • Weather and climate
  • AgriTech, FoodTech, and sustainable supply chain
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Smart cities by using resources in a more effective way

What are we offering?

We offer a hybrid environmental innovation platform. We provide work and training sessions on-site (in Israel and at your facilities) and online, as often as needed.

We set up tailor-made programs to address the environmental concerns of all stakeholders, including:

  • Policymakers – training for top executives with the power to grow your local environmental ecosystem, and make impactful changes at an international level
  • Universities & Clusters – in-depth connection and development of bilateral top-level partnerships with universities and corporations for boosting the transfer of technologies and grants (including Horizon Europe)
  • Large Corporations – in-depth connection to relevant top-notch Israeli startups to co-create new lines of products & services and reach international markets
  • For SMEs and Startups – training for founders and executives in reaching high growth via specific programs for leadership, global expansion, and raising capital
Previous programs have covered a full range of innovation services, from tailor-made learning expeditions to setting up innovation centers and labs in Israel. These programs have already benefited public and private organizations from the EU, Japan, and the US.

How can our environmental innovation factory leverage the Israeli ecosystem?

There are many reasons why Israel is excellent in this field. We can help other regions and their sectors build sustainable growth by giving access to the best talent, technologies, and practices in Israel, including:

  • Israel – a growing powerhouse in environmental technologies and a world leader in AgriTech, CyberTech, and WaterTech
  • 20 environment-related university R&D centers and dozens of private initiatives
  • 600+ startups in environmental technologies that have raised more than $3 billion between 2018-2020
  • A network of investors ready to support innovative environmental technologies and solutions
  • A lack of natural resources combined with an entrepreneurship culture has created a vibrant ecosystem for solving climate-related problems

Israel’s vision is to nurture a worldwide innovation ecosystem, create partnerships with global territories and organizations in need, and give practical expression to the noble value of leaving no one behind.

How does Axperia collaborate with Chutzpah Lab to lead its Israeli factory platform?

  • Aid in the design and implementation of successful innovation programs engaging the Israeli ecosystem since 2012
  • Serve Fortune 500 corporations such as AXA, Bouygues, Danone, Google, La Poste, Michelin, Nestlé, Pepsico, Sanofi, Sodexo, Toyo Seikan, UniCredit, and more
  • Serve policymakers and institutions from Antwerpen, Athens, Lyon, Montpelier, Nice, Tokyo, and more
  • A multi-cultural team that is highly experienced in accelerator/incubator projects for international intra- and entrepreneurs, such as Founder Institute TLV, Startup Pirates, Startup Bootcamp TLV, 24H Bootcamp TLV
  • Chutzpah Lab (Chutzpah Lab) is part of Challengy (Challengy), this French Israeli group has set up a joint venture with Axperia in 2018, allowing successful bilateral missions.