Our Partners

We are a law firm specialising in company law.

We have a team of young lawyers which, through experience and training, offers a professional service and a high degree of specialisation providing innovative legal solutions for our clients.

Our professional experience has allowed us to consolidate a firm with a constantly innovative and flexible profile, and a permanent quest for excellence in the service.

We invest in the management of the knowledge of our team and in the continuous training of our professionals, with the aim of providing our clients with an integral service and providing real added value to relevant projects in all sectors of the business activity.

Challengy is a French consultancy firm with offices in Paris and Tel-Aviv. Our mission is to diffuse the culture and best practices of Networking and Innovation in order to optimize people performance and enterprise growth.

Challengy has been involved with French-Israeli projects and is very much engaged in business clubs bridging the gap between the two countries: like the two sides French-Israeli Chambers of Commerce. Moreover, André Dan (Partner & Co-Founder) was president of the ICT Committee in the IE-Club, and a member of ComEx in France; and Yossi Dan (Partner & Co-Founder) is the president of the IE-Club Tel-Aviv.

Da Ros & Associés (Paris, France) advises and represents their clients on day-to-day business and strategic projects as well as litigation and arbitration. They also advise on international matters through a global network of correspondent law firms. Building on a recognized expertise, Da Ros & Associés stands among the preferred counsel of some of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions.

They have a team of experienced high-profile lawyers. Some of them worked within the legal departments of international industrial groups.

Da Ros et Associés provides an expansive array of legal services such as Merger & Acquisition Corporate Finance, Contracts & Partnerships, Litigation & Arbitration, and Insurance & Reinsurance.

Founded by Yasuhiko Izumimoto, l’Institut d’Economie et de Stratégie Franco-Japonais is present in Tokyo and Paris since 2012 to help bi-national companies in the development and execution of their strategy.

Our mission is to help secure Japanese investments in France, either through organic growth or through M&A operations. We help our clients (French companies acquired by a Japanese company, and Japanese companies who have operations in France) to reduce the risks of these operations by making them share a common vision of their business. We also help French companies that have business activities in Africa.

Through co-design techniques, we help our clients in management diagnosis, corporate strategy, mid- to long-term business plans, marketing strategy, organizational strategy, strategy execution through BSC/Dashboard as well as management training and executive coaching for the Europeans and Asians executives.

Synapse an Indian top rated global healthcare industry consulting, medical product sourcing and distribution company, have signed and strategic partnership in 2019 with Axperia Ventures in order to promote business and investment exchanges between India, the E.U and LATAM in the life sciences sector.  Both entities combined together will provide high added value services to life sciences companies in:

  1. Access to Open Innovation and Public-Private Co-Development in Drug Discovery,
  2. In Licensing of Patented & Innovative Products,
  3. Technology Transfer,
  4. Joint Venture (JV), Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Services,
  5. Outsourcing Patented and Off-Patented Formulation and API from US & EU,
  6. Contract Manufacturing Global Product Registrations,
  7. Outsourcing of Clinical Trials in India,
  8. Outsourcing of Bio Equivalence Studies,
  9. Distribution Network Development & Management,
  10. New Company Launch,
  11. Development of Companies for Exports and International Sales, and
  12. International Business Set-up, Marketing, Distribution, Event Management, Scientific Office Establishment, Recruitment of Staff, Training

For the E.U., Synapse will be setting up its representative offices, in Vigo (Spain)

FinLender is a global fastest growing Financial Services Provider & Financial Consulting Company provides services to Corporates, SME’s, MSME’s, Businesses, Professionals and Individuals in the area of Finance, Investment and Strategic Advisory with an emphasis and end to end solutions. We have a vintage of around 10 years and specialize in Debt Syndication, Trade Finance, Structured Finance, Project & Corporate Finance, Private Finance, Financial Restructuring, Working Capital, Retail Finance and Strategic Investment.

FinLender has made remarkable inroads in the corporate and financial advisory arena owing to the expertise gained through structuring through various financial solutions for trade and advising clients on a range of complex financial and other management structures. Our offices are spread across the major trading hubs of the country’s.

We also have a portfolio of International Developmental Projects across developing and developed countries in the area of Power, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Factoring, Transport, etc. It is the gateway for business formation and finances on easy terms, in the quickest possible way and with the least hassles.

FinLender, with its focused and firm standpoint to leverage on the spirit of times, is here to help our clients by providing multi-pronged finance-centric utility services on the basis of personalized touch and carve a robust nationwide identity for itself.

FEMAC is a venture created to assist, support and guide business parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) throughout the globe. FEMAC’s goal is to provide Zones with know-how and help them become enterprises aligned with world class standards, with the warranty of economic development, social innovation and best practices of management.

Even though SEZ programs are often created with good incentives, many SEZs lack the technical know-how necessary to be competitive in the global stage. Our customers are zone developers, governments, and organizations looking to develop their countries’ SEZs.

FEMOZA (https://www.femoza.org), the world’s leading Free & Special Economic Zone federation, has exclusively mandated FEMAC with this task. AXPERIA VENTURES is a Board Member of FEMAC since July 2021.