Properly designed business platforms can help create and capture new economic value and scale the potential for learning across new ecosystems.

Ecosystems are dynamic and co-evolving communities of diverse actors who create new value through increasingly productive and sophisticated models of both collaboration and competition

A Platforms help to make resources and participants more accessible to each other on an as-needed basis. Properly designed, they can become powerful catalysts for rich ecosystems of resources and participants. A couple of key elements come together to support a well-functioning platform:

  • A governance structure, including a set of protocols that determines who can participate, what roles they might play, how they might interact, and how disputes get resolved;
  • An additional set of protocols or standards is typically designed to facilitate connection, coordination, and collaboration.

Aggregation platforms bring together a broad array of relevant resources and help users of the platform to connect with the most appropriate resources:

  • These platforms tend to be very transaction – or task-focused – the key is to express a need, get a response, do the deal, and move on.
  • They also tend to operate on a hub-and-spoke model. That is, all the transactions are brokered by the platform owner and organizer.

Aggregation platforms

  • Facilitate transactions.
  • Connect users to resou.
  • Tend to operate on a hub-and-spoke model.

Our business platform provides outsourcing of supply, trade operations and procurement services to our clients

Trading Agent

Procurement Consultant

Private Label Operator

Buying Center

Import-Export Advisor

Organization of exhibitions


Alliances & Strategic Partnerships

  • Outsourcing of export-import operations « on a full scale basis », as per non-core and commercial operations;
  • Management of export-import contracts “on a full scale basis” with the aim of management and overhead cost optimization;
  • Consulting in the field of VED, customs clearance, and logistics;
  • Maintenance of commercial workflow;
  • Production and supply chain management of private label goods for our clients;
  • Search of suppliers at a worldwide level, suppliers due diligence, coordination of terms of reference, quality control, logistics, custom clearance, payment of suppliers;
  • Sourcing of partners and suppliers for procurement and realization of projects in India and Southeast Asia;
  • Consulting of doing business in India and Southeast Asia : VED, logistics, laws, HR, IT and other specific issues of doing business in China for foreign companies;
  • Organization and representation in exhibitions.

We could provide foreign companies with the trading and logistics infrastructures for purchasing and selling in China without opening their own subsidiaries, branches and/or representative offices