Opportunity Space

Our View of the Opportunity Space

Increased worldwide demand for energy, growing human impact on the environment and a desire by all nations to have access to energy, food and water free from threat are all key factors driving rapid growth in emerging technologies, energy infrastructure and project finance.

To meet these rising challenges, companies require capital, sophisticated and innovative leadership, and strategic foresight, including input from knowledgeable foresight practitioners.

We strive to identify the concept at the core of emerging technologies in energy, agriculture and water, and related infrastructure projects: what is the base of the new technology, can it grow rapidly, does it open untapped market potential, what is the practical impact and how will it change lives.

A wise firm should be thinking today about the forces that will disrupt the markets over the next few decades. Those focusing only on the short term challenges, and not on its implication for their future businesses, are doing themselves and their shareholders a serious disservice. The future is always coming faster than one thinks. Judging by what we are seeing in the emerging technologies, it may be coming sooner than many believe. An example is aggressively moving to own electricity storage technology on the grid—a technology that will be a key component of distributed generation and central to the power manager role in the future.

We focus on emerging technology in which development has reached a high probability of technical success for new products and applications that might have substantial markets within 5-10 years with proper business scaling and market reach.