(B.A, M.A, M.Sc)

Armando has over 17 years of experience in Management Consultancy. He is a specialist in the elaboration and in the implementation of strategies, transformation programs and innovation management initiatives. He mainly works for companies wishing to develop and implement new ways of working in an increasingly complex environment. For this purpose, he relies on traditional management consulting tools coupled with collective intelligence techniques to involve all stakeholders from the very beginning and maximize the impact on the project in the organization.

Armando has also a passion for raise the awareness of organizations in the theme of innovation, particularly in detecting, valorizing and integrating innovative start-ups (US, Israel, Singapore, South Korea and Japan) with major European Groups. He focuses mainly on technological innovations in the “Clean Techs” and ICT sectors with significant opportunities for implementation to increase the competitive advantage of organization.

Armando started his career as a consultant in strategy in the field of Public Policy; he worked mainly on projects for the European Commission to develop and implement a strategy to promote economic growth in different regions in Europe (RIS-RITTS Programme) and to evaluate the impact of innovative projects in Europe (BRITTE-EURAM Programme). He continued his career as a senior consultant at Gemini Consulting (acquired by CapGemini in 2001) in the field of “e-Business & IT strategy”. In 2004 he co-founded Madras Digital, a strategic management consultancy specialized in the field of innovation and strategic partnerships. He then joined the consultancy firm Buy.O Group at the beginning of 2010 as Director, where he helped companies to master their ecosystem (clients, partners and suppliers). At the end of 2011 he joined Izsak, Grapin & Associés, a strategic management consultancy firm, as an Associate Partner. Since 2011, he is Co-Founder and Partner of Axperia Ventures.

Armando received a B.A. in Economics and Finance from the “Universidad San Pablo” (Spain), an M.A in European Economics from Leeds University (United Kingdom) and an M.Sc in Development Economics from the Université de Montréal/McGill University (Canada).