Mark Randall launched Daystar Consulting in 1997 and ran all aspects of this independent consulting business, providing services in project management, renewable energy development, economic development, community development, grant writing, R&D, administration, and government reporting. Client base composed of Indian tribes, utilities, municipalities, and technology startup companies focused on community facilities and infrastructure construction, renewable-energy assessments, pilot projects, feasibility studies, and startup business planning. Mark has lifelong experience in project development and project management.

In parallel to this activity, Mark is an Associate Partner of Axperia Ventures in the US.

The son of an aerospace engineer, in a family of engineers, Mark has always been the guy who gets things done. He trained in electronics and power technology in the US Air Force, and studied at the Watson School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, graduating from the State University of New York in 1990. As a ‘Jack of All Trades’ kind of guy, Mark developed a passion for solar and renewable energy and served as Executive Director of the San Luis Valley Solar Energy Association and owned and operated a solar systems company and a green building company. Mark taught renewable energy and green building technology at Yavapai College and served on the Arizona Governor’s Solar Energy Advisory Council.

Mark has extensive experience in energy and infrastructure project management and large-scale renewable energy development, including wind, solar, biomass, and biofuels with special emphasis on permitting projects on tribal land.

Mark lives in Seattle Washington where he enjoys sailing and wooden boat restoration, vintage home restoration, gardening, cycling, and ice hockey.