Our Portfolio

We help companies reach the next level.

We act as a partner and as an investor to help them commercialize innovative businesses and disruptive business models.

Advanced technologies and new business models are constantly disrupting our world. Axperia Ventures wants to be in the forefront of these changes.

We work with startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from their early stages to their scale and growth phases. In this process, we help them find the right resources that will allow them to develop new technologies and disruptive business models in areas of our strategic interest.

In Axperia Ventures we invest our time and our resources in companies that develop sustainable solutions that will change the World. If your company is in the Health-Tech, Food-Tech, Agri-Tech, High-Tech, Next-Generation transportation, New Energies and the Environmental Technology sectors, we can help you. Our portfolio crosses industries and borders.

We are more than a way to help you get access to capital: we are specialized in scaling-up and have a team dedicated to implementation and deployment. We have experts in the most innovative business ecosystems across the globe.

We can offer companies access to technical and scientific expertise, research and development facilities, and can assist with field trial pilots to further develop and demonstrate concepts. We also provide access to a global customer base.

We maintain excellent relationships with venture capital firms and corporate funds. We also work with entities beyond industry, government (including laboratories), academia, research labs, and international and nonprofit organizations to continually build and activate our network to create the best opportunities for our portfolio companies.

Baby Powder Milk.

This protects proposes to transform the challenges associated with the Chinese baby food market into opportunities by employing and integrated approach, which consists in two main core ideas: (i) the development of baby powder milk manufacturing facilities in the region of Galicia (Kingdom of Spain) in association with a local partner that is currently operating in China, and (ii) the implementation of a technological solution from a Spanish start-up that will ensure, the authenticity and quality of the baby powder milk formula to the final customer though his smartphone.

Baruch Future Ventures (BFV).

BFV ia a venture capital and family office based in San Francisco, California (USA) fund that works with innovators and entrepreneurs to address pain points in ressource limited and climate sensitive markets in Clean and efficiency generation, infrastructure, and storage, water treatment and conservation, air quality, food security and sustainable agriculture, and health care diagnostics and therapeutics. BFV has 30 portfolio companies that represent the best of the breed.


Founded in 2014 in Valencia (Spain), Eyesynth is a smart glasses system which allows blind people to “see” through sound. The system has cameras that captures the surrounding environment in 3D., and converts the images into understandable audio for the blind.

Pegasus Solar.

Founded in 2012, Pegasus Solar designs and manufactures innovative rooftop mounting systems for global solar markets. The company began commercialization in mid-2014 and is currently launching LightSpeed Mount Residential, a revolutionary new rail-free system. Operating from facilities in Richmond, California, Pegasus Solar’s team of solar industry veterans, talented engineers and experienced business executives are dedicated to simplifying solar, speeding up installations and driving out cost.

Department of Electrical Engineering, SUNY University at Buffalo, NY | Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Scientists of these Universities have developed a new sensing technology that uses Raman spectroscopy. The technology they are developing – a universal substrate for SERS – is a unique and, potentially, revolutionary feature. It allows one to rapidly identify and measure chemical and biological molecules using a broadband nanostructure that traps wide range of light. The advancement aims to improve the ability to detect trace amounts of molecules in diseases, chemical warfare agents, fraudulent paintings, environmental contaminants and more.

RRTC, Inc.

Start-up out of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. RRTC’s mission is to create advanced materials. RRTC’s efforts focus on green ceramic manufacturing methods providing sustainable solutions to significant technological and environmental problems.

QDSolar, Inc. S

tart up out of MaRS Innovation of University of Toronto consortium. QD Solar’s mission is to disrupt solar power generation with next-generation photovoltaic cells using cutting edge colloidal quantum dot technologies to develop and deliver the world’s best performance, lowest cost solar photovoltaic technology, through the use of proprietary technology.

Calysta, Inc.

Menlo Park, CA, is an innovator in industrial products from sustainable sources. Calysta Energy is developing new Biological Gas-to-Liquids® and Biological Gas-to-Chemicals® technologies using methane as a new feedstock for high value chemicals and transportation fuels with cost and performance advantages over current processes. Calysta Nutrition develops and commercializes fish and livestock nutritional products based on gas fermentation of methane.

Heart Transverter, Inc.

Transverters are used to convert and combine different types of electrical power such as solar panels, batteries, wind generators, fuel cells, the grid, generators and both DC and AC loads. By automatically analyzing and converting the power between different voltages and AC or DC, it allows for energy to flow between all types of devices.

Graphea and Biographea.

Inc. Graphea is developing modified graphenes (e.g. graphene oxides) for use in polymer composites and as catalysts for the dehydrogenation of alkanes. There is now keen interest in utilizing graphene for enhancement of mechanical, electrical and other properties of polymers. Graphea has also been developing modified graphene for the chemical conversion of propane to propene, an area with high growth potential due to the availability of inexpensive natural gas from fracking.


BioGraphea is a spin out focused on the use of modified graphenes as pharmaceuticals. This technology has the potential to create drugs with unprecedented biological properties with applications in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

UgMO Technologies (“Underground Monitoring”), Inc.

Is a leader in smart water management solutions, providing clients with information to maximize water resource efficiency, drive down cost and enhance environmental sustainability.

Urban Electric Power (UEP), Inc.

UEP is commercializing energy storage products based on recent innovations in zinc anode rechargeable battery technology that offers a unique combination of enhanced performance, extended lifetime, low-cost and environmentally sustainable materials.

Method Design LLC.

Is an award winning NYC based practice with specialty offices in Copenhagen and Athens. Method Design is an integrated design shop focuses on the notion of using provocation as it intersects with design performance to challenge spatial, material and social dynamics of the built environment.

Deep Creek I Geothermal Power Plant via Native Resource Development, LLC.

A Native American owned small business, holds a geothermal lease on an 1800-acre property located six miles northwest of Preston, Idaho. NER retained a credentialed, disinterested team of geothermal geologists, which in May 2014 confirmed that aquifer temperatures at the site exceed 300 F at 6500 to 7500 feet. This prognosis is highly favorable for development of a flash/binary, electrical power plant. NER seeks to develop a 24.9MW binary power plant.